Smart Secure Eye is a product line under the banner of Coingeit Technologies Private Limited.

Product line provides End to End integrated Video Surveillance, Security Enhancement and Control Systems solutions to provide Secure, comfortable & convenient lifestyle.

Have specialized solution for various industries and home solutions. The key to our success is a constant search for the best world technologies that help to achieve the required results and at the same time to reduce cost.

Based on that the technical solution consists of several main parts:

  • Video images – video cameras and thermal cameras
  • Video analysis – video analytics able to recognize certain types of law breaking, faces of the people and car number plates
  • Video transmission – wired and wireless
  • Image playback – monitors, video walls, video projectors
  • Video recording systems – servers for video and storage
  • Uninterruptable power supply – traditional and alternative energy sources

We have a team of expert to identify the key requirements, craft the integrated solution comprise of Technology, Tools, People & process. We have the tie-up with the best OES and components developers in the world offering the best quality for the best price and integrated them in an easily manageable system. Each part of the system has its own know-how:

We proudly offer the best equipment for a complete security system based on the latest technologies at a reasonable price!

What we are looking for

We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers by offering high-quality security and IT products and regularly exceeding our customer's expectations. Our team of specialists can advise on specific equipment, help with the design of a security project of any size and difficulty level and provide installation and training services in any part of the world. We are looking forward to offer you our services and expertise!