Boom Barrier, Flap Barrier & Tripod, Bollards, Automatic Gates Doors

Boom Barrier Automatic (Italy)

For Restricted Vehicle Entry to any Building or Premises. Features of Boom Barrier Automatic: • Ideal for medium transit frequency Specifically designed for medium transit frequency, the FAAC 615 range is available also with an articulated beam for low ceilings. For rapid opening, the 615 RAPID version is ideal for beams up to 2.5 m in length. • Total safety Ideal for controlling small and medium private areas, the whole 615 range has an anti-crushing hydraulic safety device, a hydraulic lock to hold the barrier open or closed, manual release by triangular key. • Long term reliability Use of cutting-edge materials and treatments such as cataphoresis and niploy, plus tried-andtested FAAC hydraulic technology, all combine to ensure long-life.

Flap Barrier /Gates (Italy)

Honeywell IP Camera, Honeywell CCTV Camera Only Authorised persons can enter Office/Factory/Industry/Metro Train by installing Flap Barrier System with Card/Biometric Access Control. • Flap barrier is designed to control pedestrian entering or exiting restricted areas, with Stainless steel ,Outdoor weather Resistant for both indoor and outdoor installation. • Flap barrier consists of cabinet, reader module, main control module motor driver module infrared photocell alarm device limit switch and voice prompt device etc., can be used for the applications like office building, hotel, apartment, museum, factory, station and ferry terminal etc.. Together with intelligent card reader/writer and management software, they are combined as intelligent speed gate management system, can fulfill the functions like entrance control, time attendance, pedestrian volume control and tolling etc. • Smartcard reader compatible with a variety of card such as IC and ID card. • International standard electrical interface, can be easily integrated with other R/W device Clear LED arrow direction indication. • Counting function with record of the passing times and the records can be cleared up from menu. • Infrared photocell for safety & for alarming unauthorized entry.

Turnstile /Tripod Turnstile (Italy)

Turnstile /Tripod TurnstileOnly Authorised persons can enter Office/Factory/Industry/Metro Train by installing Tripod Turnstile System with Card/Biometric Access Control. For access to the premises or the company building a variety of attractive designs for single or multiple installations are available. The high-quality tripod barriers are made of stainless steel and suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. Features of Turnstile /Tripod Turnstile: • Foldable bars and patented automatic reset. • Modular single and multiple installation. • Comfortable passage thanks to endpoint locking. • Minimal energy consumption due to low-energy drive. • Marginal risk of injury due to low-energy drive. • Suitable for outdoor installation. • Suitable for escape route installation. • Barrier-free solutions in connection with automatic swing doors in matching design.

Swing Gates Operator (Italy)

Swing Gates OperatorHydraulic/Electromechanical Operator for residential, commercial & industrial use.(Italy). Features of Swing Gates Operator: • Automatic opening thru Remote or Button. • Integrated opening and closing mechanical stops (the travel limit mechanical stops need not be installed). • Available in versions with/without a travel limit device. • Half bodies are coupled with a seal. • Die-cast aluminium body, entirely double-coat painted for longer life. • Manual release device with simplified key-protected activation. • 24 V dc power supply to travel limit devices (if present) for maximum safety, with facility for controlling travel limit stops and slow-down. • Horizontal exit for cables to allow near to ground installation (low installation).

Sliding Gate Operator

Sliding Gate OperatorAutomated Systems for Sliding gates for residential, commercial & industrial use.(Italy) AUTOMATIC SIMPLICITY A practical package, containing a gearmotor with built-in electronic equipment and securing plate, automates both new and existing sliding gates weighing up to 900 kg. IDEAL FOR RESIDENTIAL APPLICATIONS The electronic equipment inside the gearmotor facilitates and speeds up installation, at lower cost. Control board enclosure with “rotation” facility to help electrical wirings. ELECTRONIC SAFETY RELIABLE UNDER ALL CONDITIONS Anti-crushing protection is ensured by an electronic device directly controlling drive torque. For extra safety, an efficient obstacle detector is available. The FAAC 740/741 gearmotors perform uniformly at all latitudes and under all types of duty, and all commands are supplied by an extremely safe and reliable microprocessor.

Automatic Rising Bollards (Italy)

Automatic Rising BollardsFor Restricting or Blocking Unauthorised Vehicle Entry. Retractable or "rising" bollards can be lowered entirely below the road surface (generally using an electric or hydraulic mechanism) to enable traffic to pass, or raised to block traffic. Rising bollards are used to secure sensitive areas from attack like Defence, Govt Establisments, Hotels, Embassy etc or to enforce traffic rules that are time related, or to restrict access to particular classes of traffic. Easy and fast to install, they require very low maintenance. These products are a convenient and reliable solution to the need of traffic control in different areas, suitable for private, commercial, industrial and public use. Thanks to their particular robustness they are used as protection for buildings.

Automatic Sliding Doors / Motion Sensor Doors (Italy)

Automatic Sliding Doors / Motion Sensor DoorsFeatures of Automatic Sliding Doors / Motion Sensor Doors: • Automated Opening of Glass Door for a Vistor entering any premises a Shopping Mall,Office ,Art Exhibition, Event or a Hotel. • High quality materials and innovative technological solutions are combined with the simplicity of installation, use and maintenance, the security of an automatism made to last over time. • The essential and slender design is able to satisfy the most demanding architectural solutions. • The sophisticated electronics provide the installer with the tools necessary to obtain additional possibilities for personalization or diagnosis during maintenance. • The interface with a computer for the remote control of the automation projects this automatism into the future.

Garage Door, Industrial Door & Shutters (Italy)

Garage Door, Industrial Door & ShuttersA garage door opener is a motorized device that opens and closes garage doors. Most are controlled by switches on the garage wall, as well as by remote controls carried by the owner.Parked right up to the garage door and still able to operate .System automates any Roller/Shutter garage door,Sectional Garage door or sliding garage door. Automate any Industrial Door - Industrial Sectional Door, High Speed Doors, Strip Curtains, Double Action Doors, Rolling Shutters & Rolling Grilles, Sports Hall Doors etc.