CeSIS is a result of collaboration of Russia’s Federal Aviation and Space Agency and Federal Agency on Atomic Energy. As both organizations hold safety and security of their sites, objects and staff in high regard, CeSIS is charged with the task of ensuring state-of-the-art reliable solutions. The company provides full service from design to implementation, making sure your individual needs are met. This means that CeSIS engineers perform full analysis, carry out documentation, design the security system and carry out transportation and installation of the physical protection and IT network.

In addition, CeSIS offers warranty and post-warranty service for maintenance and upgrading to make sure you safety is always guaranteed. Clients of CeSIS are different types of organizations and businesses varying from small research facilities to nationally and internationally operating businesses and governmental and military organizations. For the purposes of access restriction CeSIS produces a variety of fences and gates able to sustain different levels of impact. To withstand blunt ram impact or explosion impact CeSIS can reinforce existing structures or build new and reinforced ones. The objects and sites can be concealed using various types of camouflage.

Product range

  • Reinforced barbed wire fences and other security fences and gates
  • Anti-ram barriers
  • Various types of ferro-concrete constructions and frameless arched constructions
  • Mesh welded panels
  • Painting and varnish covering

Security barriers

The security barriers are equipped with robust mechanisms and booms that are resistant to vandalism and forcing attempts. They are therefore recommended for all sensitive sites where a high level of security is required.

Rising bollards

The Automatic Systems rising bollards combine integration and security. Their design makes it possible to use them for the protection of sites, even in urban surroundings or at a prestigious site.

Anti-Ram Barriers

  • Stability to ram impact of vehicle up to 20 ton, moving at speed up to 40 km/h
  • Guaranteed service life of 20.000 running cycles for the device with automatic control (closing time < 5 sec), 60.000 running cycles for the device with automatic control (closing time 10 and 40 sec) and 50.000 for manually controlled device
  • Small reclamation effort after impacts
  • Warranty: 12 months