ParsecNET3 is a professional security system used for access control and activity report. It allows you to control traffic of people and vehicles entering and exiting your facilities by monitoring doors and general movement within designated areas. ParsecNET3’s operation range varies from small offices with several doors to large sites with multiple buildings and different levels of access. ParsecNET3 RFID solution is very suitable for parking garage surveillance and car park management. Parsec can be integrated with other security systems such as fire alarm and CCTV and with various business applications like ERP and CRM.

At the moment ParsceNET3 is widely used in Russia and many other European countries, being implemented at more than 15.000 locations. Taking pride in 15 years of history the system has proven to be highly versatile and reliable.


ParsecNET 3 today is a firmware integration:

  • Access control subsystem
  • Digital video surveillance subsystem
  • Security alarm subsystem
  • Perimeter guard subsystem
  • Reliable integrated solution
  • Functionality and expandability due to the open platform
  • Optimal solution for objects of any scale with easy further scalability
  • Efficiency upgrading due to simplicity and computer-aided operation of the system
  • Possibility of integration with business process systems

System access works with identifiers like Mifare, EM Marin, HID, Motorola, CheckPoint and others with ISO 14443А, ISO 14443В and ISO15693 standard. Access level is diversified depending on point of access, like inside the facility, street access, turnstiles or car parking access.

The system uses different types of interfaces which can be either connected to computer directly via LAN or using a converter. It’s possible to connect up to 30 controllers to one interface, whereby USB ports serve as power supply.

Long Range RFID

The long-range RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system is intended for use in applications which are required to detect and identify the objects marked with active tags on the big distances from 5-7 up to 50-100 meters, depending on type of antennas.


  • The car entrances equipped with automatic gates or barriers
  • Protected parking
  • Entrances on paid highways
  • Systems of monitoring of containers on platforms for storage
  • Other similar applications

Differential characteristics:

  • Three-wire interface
  • Wide nomenclature
  • Sealed case
  • All basic card standards support
  • Joint work synchronization