Schlage Biometrics is a well-known high-end brand in the field of access control. The company implements proven Hand Geometry technology for an extremely reliable and fast working identification method. An important advantage of this technology is the elimination of privacy concerns by the user as opposed to fingerprint or iris scanners. The hand scanners have antibacterial technology built in to make sure proper hygiene is maintained. The scanners are perfectly safe to use by anyone, due to minimal contact with the device and its negligible impact.

Schlage Biometrics has more than 20 years of experience, providing technique that can successfully be used everywhere from local businesses up to banks and critical infrastructure. Originating in the USA and having already built a solid base in Europe Schlage Biometrics hand scanners are now available around the globe thanks to a wide distribution network. The company provides excellent customer support to help you with implementation and day-to-day usage of their innovative products.


Field proven reliability

  • The HandKey II verifies user’s identity by analyzing hand geometry, based on the size and shape of the hand, enhancing security at any door. The product is easy to set up and manage with HandNet software for Windows and it’s convenient in the day-to-day usage
  • Hundreds of thousands of Handkeys are installed all over the world in diverse applications providing millions of error free transactions every day

Eliminates privacy concerns

  • Hand Geometry technology is well accepted by end users as there are no fingerprints or palm prints taken and the user does not leave behind any trace of their biometric data

Convenience and cost savings

  • Incredibly fast installation & intuitive enrollment increases user convenience
  • Verification in less than 1 second makes it ideal for high throughput applications
  • High product quality + low maintenance costs = Low total cost of ownership
  • Eliminate the worry of lost, stolen or unauthorized transfer of ID cards plus the cost of purchasing and maintaining these cards

Possible indoor and outdoor applications:

  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Financial Institutions
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial Buildings