Russian Federal Aviation and Space Agency and Federal Agency on Atomic Energy joined forces and founded CeSIS to create reliable security solutions for their objects and personnel. In addition to CeSIS’s access control products and services the company offers a wide range of perimeter control solutions for monitoring, detection and alarm. CeSIS’s product range includes different high-tech sensors for detection of pressure, heat and certain materials. Due to its origins, continuous R&D and strive to offer the highest level of security possible CeSIS has become a leader in its field earning trust of major Russian and foreign governmental institutions, military sites, research facilities and corporate offices.

At Ryan Solutions e.U. our specialists will provide you with full information on technology suitable for your particular needs be it for a new system or implementation into an existing one. Perimeter control sensors are often used in combination with CCTV for a live feed, access control systems such as automated doors, windows and hatches, alarms and other security related technologies.

Product range

  • Fence Detection Systems
  • Buried Cable Detection Systems
  • Microwave Sensors
  • Infrared Sensors
  • Dual Technology Sensors
  • Radars