Haverkamp is a Germany-based company with 20 years of history that specializes in a wide range of products and activities within building and window security. Haverkamp’s technology offers protection against explosion, various types of radiation, heat, eavesdropping and video recording. Haverkamp works collaborates with various partners within security R&D to ensure continuous high performance.

Product range

The greatest weakness in any building in the event of an explosion is conventional, unlaminated glass. Glass doors, standing glazing and glass façades turn into a life-threatening hazard if a pressure wave should occur. Haverkamp has developed a wide assortment of PROFILON security and splinter-protection films, each of which is designed to meet different risk levels. From PROFILON ER1, which offers protection for the most severely threatened zones to PROFILON FF, which provides splinter protection for the less endangered areas, PROFILON security films are available and able to offer invisible protection for the entire building. In addition PROFILON offers protection against RF, IR and UV to protect you from espionage activities. In fact, Haverkamp’s technology offers the highest level of protection in the world and is therefore being widely used in as a de facto standard for U.S. and foreign governmental institutions.

Haverkamp explosion resistant security films and other products help you to secure various kinds of carriers containing important sensitive information from natural disasters, intentionally caused damaged, theft and any other danger. At RyanSolutions we will gladly help you to assess your risks and advise you on extra protection custom designed to match your needs.

Additional products

As a supplement or alternative to these products, other Haverkamp anti-explosive building security systems include:

  • STABAGARD explosion-resistant anti-splinter curtains
  • BLASTWIN and PROFEX explosion-resistant windows
  • BLASTSHIELD façade protection

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