Starcom's automatic systems for tracking and managing are among the most advanced in the world and present unique applications, including container tracking and personal tracking for automatic alert in case of distress without the need for the user's intervention. Starcom designs and develops tracking and security products monitored across Starcom’s proprietary web application Starcom Online. Investing in R&D is keeping the company and its solutions up-to-date at the highest technology forefront. Highly skilled and creative personnel conceives unique solutions derived from the company’s proven AVL core technology. Starcom Plc is traded on the London Stock Exchange (LN:STAR).


Starcom products are sold only via distributors (‘operators’) in over 50 countries. Being one of Starcom’s operators Smart Secure Eye. offers Starcom’s products to end users such as large vehicle fleets or insurance companies.


  • Starcom is the only company to supply all-in-one complete solution of hardware, software, and complete set of procedures to enable establishing a profitable business even without previous knowledge of the market
  • Starcom is using "Open" system that can be integrated with other vehicle solutions. GPS, GSM, GPRS and comparable technologies are used for the implementation of the solutions
  • All the products are ISO-9002 certified and meet the most demanding standards of the industry

Product range

  • The WATCHLOCK – High security padlock utilizing Starcom’s monitoring technology with built-in GPS
  • The HELIOS – For vehicle tracking and management
  • The TRITON – For freight container monitoring
  • The KYLOS - For tracking of merchandise and personal goods
  • The RAINBOW – Personal monitoring/communication device particularly for the elderly and youngsters

Watchlock. Be The First To Know

  • Launched in 2012
  • High security padlock integrating Starcom’ monitoring system with built-in GPS locating and GSM-based communication technologies. This is an intelligent integration of security with real-time alert and tracking from anywhere to anywhere.
  • Tailored e-mail or text message alerts based on events using Starcom Online
  • The Watchlock is ideal for both mobile and static applications and assets such as warehouses, pipelines, perimeter fences and shop fronts where you would want an alert or to log when they had been entered/secured and mobile assets such as trailers, vending machines or caravans.
  • Winner of Physical Security Innovation Product of the Year at the IFSEC Security Industry Awards in Birmingham in May 2012 JV with Assa Abloy and winner of Physical Innovation Product of the Year at the IFSEC Security Industry Awards.

WatchLock provides you with a unique combination of advantages:

  • Security – A high quality high security mechanical lock from Mul-T-Lock® – Reliable, robust, and featuring advanced key duplication control
  • Personal control – Reports about the lock exiting a predefined area are received at the predefined intervals. Knowledge = Control
  • Quick response – You can react immediately upon receiving an alert of any deviation from the routine
  • Monitoring – Consistent reports transmitted by WatchLock provide you with complete information about opening and closing hours, enabling you to verify employees and vendor reports

Through SMS or e-mail and to online application you are able to get reports for:

  • Pre-scheduled “I am alive” or tracking messages
  • Opening / closing alerts
  • Location (including in/out of “geo fence”)
  • Missing reporting on the predefined schedule
  • Low battery / battery replaced
  • Impact (optional)

Helios Car and Fleet management

A real-time vehicle tracking system for fleet management and security applications, the Helios enables the definition of a wide variety of events that the fleet manager is interested in receiving and also the manner and the destination of the alert transmission. The Helios system enables the user to reduce the monthly costs by 15% and increase operational efficiency by 30%. The system protects the vehicle from theft and protects the driver and passengers by alerting in case of an accident. Customizable system are able to respond to specific events and triggers using the company’s web application, Starcom Online.

  • Basic – Track & Trace AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location.) Benefits: Entry level unit for basic real-time tracking functionality at affordable and most competitive cost

Advanced - AVL and Fleet Management. Benefits: Advanced unit supporting fleets with real time track and trace and complete fleet management telematics

Triton Container management

Tracking and monitoring of shipping containers came in focus after 09/11. These days, mobile and satellite networks can provide online connectivity at a reasonable price and with high performance. Maritime transportation and the increased containerization of goods are key elements to make the global supply chain to work efficiently. According to the latest market researches (Berg 2012) there will be a continued strong focus on container transport security and increased supply chain visibility in the coming years.

  • Launched in 2012 and patented
  • Designed for tracking and monitoring of freight containers
  • Enables the monitoring of location, untoward impact, container tampering, lighting, temperature and other events
  • Tailored e-mail or text message alerts with Starcom Online
  • Endorsed by Kiln, a Lloyds of London underwriting syndicate, as satisfying a key policy condition of its high value cargo insurance
  • Adaptable business model for the shipping of high value goods for insurance coverage as well as homeland security issues presents diversified markets for product
  • Easy installation

Rainbow. Personal Tracker

  • Personal tracker aimed at the elderly, children and population at high risk
  • Allows the long distance supervision of an individual to automatically generate predefined alerts not requiring his/her intervention
  • Alerts may be generated for predefined events, such as not carrying the device, leaving a certain zone (geo-fence), individual fall, etc
  • Incorporates advanced GPS/GPRS technology along with advanced and high quality voice/listen supporting mobile phone capabilities. Communication line can open automatically in case of emergency or predefined event
  • Easy to use, predefined minimal buttons, easy to read LCD for maximum ambient clarity
  • Dedicated S/W application

Kylos. Assets Management

The Kylos is an autonomic portable system with built-in battery without the need for external power supply.

Kylos Unique Alerts

  • The ability to pinpoint the exact position of the merchandise at any moment
  • The ability to receive an alert if the device enters or leaves a predefined area or if it falls, is damaged or moves in any way
  • Light sensor alerts when the warehouse is being breached even before the intruder reaches the merchandise
  • Light sensor alerts when the goods have left the container or the truck
  • Temperature sensor alerts on fire before it reaches the goods
  • A built-in accelerometer alerts for when the goods are moved during unauthorized hours or are damaged due to an incorrect handling

Online application

  • The web and mobile application for the management/monitoring of all of Starcom’s devices
  • Unique event generator allows to provide tailor made solutions to the end client
  • Access real time data, incorporating a range of maps, for up to the minute information on vehicles/freight/goods and merchandise
  • Fully customizable to suit the users’ needs
  • Generates reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis including specified data
  • The Control Centre application allows users to pre-set a chain of notifications in the event of an emergency like calling the customer, police or insurance
  • White Label solution for distributors available in 32 different languages