NumberOK is a European company which offers latest software and hardware solutions for parking management such as license plate recognition. One of the leaders in the license plate recognition and CCTV market, NumberOK has proven itself to be a reliable partner for different enterprises in need of a high-tech security solution.

NumberOK opts for a long-term partnership backing up its clients with constantly updated products and services. The company’s license plate recognition system is a state of the art product managed by user-friendly software at a competitive price. This make NumberOk a great solution for smaller businesses and other organizations in need of an affordable yet qualitative system. NumberOK is available in various European countries, such as UK, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Spain and Switzerland as well as Egypt, Brazil and Kenya.



The system keeps track of all incoming and outgoing vehicles, by recording the screenshot of the car together with the license plate and the date and time of the arrival and departure. All the data are safely stored and can be consulted at any moment. The data can also be used for analysis purposes and can be processed using various software. The is a common feature used both in offices and in residences.

Automation of Transport Access

Depending on the settings, the system grants or denies access to vehicles which either are approved or blacklisted. The so-called BARBOS control unit is responsible for this decision making process based on the records of license plates in the database.

Keeping Record and Monitoring of Traffic Flow

This versatile feature can be used for many purposes to keep track of traffic on a predefined territory. It can be of a great assistance to a the car park manager, building and terrain security or a car wash owner to record all traffic related activities and track down unauthorized vehicles.


  • High-tech license plate recognition
  • Stand-alone equipment that needs no additional hardware and applications
  • Affordable prices
  • Can be used for many different purposes from parking lots management to cash flow control
  • License plates are easily identifiable in case of the vehicle speed being up to 200 km/h. Even at higher speeds identification is possible depending on camera and software configuration
  • The NumberOK license plate recognition system work day and night. The proper working of the system depends on the camera and software set-up
  • Works with all IP cameras and all DVRs supporting RTSP protocol
  • Proven technology is widely used in Italy, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova
  • The software operates on Windows XP/2003/Vista7/2008/8
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Usage of the system doesn’t require a special training
  • NumerOK offers full technical support and free of charge updates online

For more information please visit NumberOK.