BUSINESS SECURITY SYSTEM SOVA is designed to create a single information field for safety management within a large enterprise. The system offers an effective tool for intellectual business management. The primary purpose of this system is to provide all-in-one solution for collection, displaying and processing of data, essential for management and analysis of  business efficiency indicators. The company mainly focuses on retail, banks, gas stations and logistics. SOVA has costomized solutions for license plate recognition, queue counting, face recognition and check-out monitoring and can be easily inegrated with most other widely used systems on the market.

SOVA has an international team of experienced programmers and business and security professionals who understand your needs for flawless monitoring of day-to-day business processes, secure IT systems and precise analysis and reporting. After 9 successful years the company services more than 350 venues around Europe and employs almost 100 staff members.


  • on-line monitoring and control of situation
  • on-site data collection from different systems installed on different sites
  • notifying staff on alarming events
  • data display on multilevel maps (country, region, object)
  • report generation
  • search by events registered in the system
  • provision of relative information for decision-making

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