Technology Associates S.r.l. is an independent leading vendor founded in 1998. TEAS is focused on the engineering of modern software and hardware for providing standard and also tailored products and solutions for the following specialized markets:

  • Multipurpose ANPR management
  • Vehicle Speed & Red Light enforcement
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Limited Zones Access
  • Management
  • RFID/ANPR Access Control
  • ISO Container Code Recognition
  • ADR Dangerous Goods Recognition
  • City Automation
  • Networked Intercom & SOS Platform

Technology Associates & TechnoAware

Both companies are in activity together joining SW development, engineering and experiences providing state-of-the-art next-generation innovative products and solutions.

TEAS Video Analytics

Product range

  • IPView LPP - License Plate Portal – Enterprise Real Time Managing of ANPR data & images, process and print of fines/bills, limited zones access authorization management, integration to VoIP/IVR & VoIP/ACD, WEB Portal, reporting engine, statistics
  • IPView CPP – Cargo Plate Portal – Container ISO Code recognition and access automation. Integration to ERP
  • IPView LPR VIPER – License Plates Real Time Black List Enforcement and ANPR Access Automation
  • IPView VIPER GIS - Real Time GIS/ANPR Enforcement for Control Rooms
  • IPView VIPER GIS Mobile – The Next Generation Real Time GPS/Mobile localization extension for doing Black List Enforcement & Mobile Ticket flow management

TEAS native IP product range:

  • IPView E2515 (>150km/h)/ HD2525 (>250 km/h multilane)ANPR Scanners
  • IPView SpeedOMeter – Outdoor Laser Scanner for Speed Measurement, Vehicle Classification, Height and Length measurement, Vehicle Counting
  • IPView NI - Networked Intercom Access Platform

IPView® LPP License Plate Portal 2013

IPView LPP - License Plate Portal is TEAS’s specialized x64-native Enterprise ERP Platform for managing real time ANPR & Sensors. IPView LPP permits to manage all the data and images for an unlimited number of devices of the TEAS’s Catalogue. IPView LPP provides full support to Clusters, Virtualization and to all the most common RDBMS platforms. Languages available: ITA + UK, others are available on request.

IPView License Plate Portal has been officially RECOGNIZED and CERTIFIED from the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports. Platform and devices have been verified and tested to be compliant to all CE/EU rules concerning secure data process, data security and relative ICT standards. They strictly conform to all the environmental, electronic and optic EMC/EN applicable standards.

IPView LPP is built on proven and stable software and has conformity to the international ITIL. ITIL describes procedures, tasks and checklists that are not organization-specific and are used for establishing level of competency. ITIL is used to demonstrate compliance and to measure improvement.

TEAS Road Fighter on Police Car and Tablet Interface

IPView LPP features

IPView LPP permits full central operations and offers global system facilities for the traffic management and enforcement. The Entire Platform is accessed by WEB. Cloud infrastructure and multisite/multi-server support is provided natively;

IPView LPP is reliable starting from the Sensors. In case of LAN/WAN access an automatic recovery procedure embedded into the ANPR Sensors buffers data locally without the need of any external components. Transparent transfer routines and data reconstruction algorithms guarantee local-to-central recovery of data;

Data and Contextual images are provided from the roadside infrastructure and will be immediately available for back office rules management and for administrative processes, such as accounting as well as for real time traffic monitoring;

IPView LPP allows Limited Zone Access and General ANPR Management to be flexible. Access Restriction is a traffic management tool typically used in urban areas, where it is necessary to grant or deny access to a limited number of vehicles. Possible fields of application include:

  • Access to historic city centers
  • Pedestrian zones
  • Gated communities
  • Security-related restricted areas

ANPR HD2525 75 fps / 250 KM/h scanning

TEAS hardware is UNI 10772 Class A certified. ANPR readings are done under ALL weather and light conditions:

  • High End processing algorithm
  • High End ANPR processor
  • Up to 75 FPS and up to 250 KM/H-2 lanes; • License Plates Syntaxes for all the Countries
  • Frontal ANPR reading in complete darkness condition