For decennia JVC has been one of the global leaders in the area of electronic products within communication, recording and playback. We find JVC products everywhere from television and consumer electronics well into quality medical appliances. For years JVC is also well-known as a manufacturer of high-end professional video surveillance hardware such as CCTV cameras and recording devices. Among other areas the company has transitioned into the high resolution IP-based video surveillance solutions with everything from Super LoLux HD cameras allowing near perfect imaging even within low light circumstances to data recording and monitors.


The company is renowned for the latest technologies applied within analogue and IP-cameras and CMOS based cameras producing full HD color images with resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels. JVC camera range includes:

  • Box cameras
  • Integrated lens cameras
  • Dome cameras
  • Outdoor dome cameras
  • Integrated housing models

JVC combines several groundbreaking technologies such as the Super LoLux HD technology to match the sensitivity of the CCD models, which for years have proven themselves in the market. In addition the Clear Logic Video Intelligence (C.L.V.I) compensates for haze caused by back lighting, as well as digitally removes other haze like fog or smoke to ensure clear images. C.L.V.I. automatically adapts to provide sharp, clear pictures under bad weather conditions. With an MTBF from 77-93,000 hours, and 40% lower power consumption than conventional models, you can rely on the cameras, whatever the conditions.

The JVC PTZ domes dispose of the Direct Drive motor mechanisms, which enable more precise and highly responsive movement and perfect focus even in case of high magnification. These cameras allow fast movements of 500° per second, accurate to 0.03°, and have an MTBF of 52-57,000 hours, enough for up to 2 million zoom, 5 million pan/tilt and 4 million focus operations.

The IR-LED models use LED technology to avoid ‘white face’ phenomena on short distances. This is an ideal type of camera for areas up to 5 meters such as entrance ways without the ‘white-out’ effect.

For more information and technical specifications of JVC products please consult the product catalogue and contact us for customized solutions.