CBC (EUROPE) LTD. is a London based company specialized in high-end video surveillance with more than 40 years of experience. CBC UK is ISO 9001 certified and it's a leader in its field, praised for innovative and reliable products and systems such as GANZ electronic security systems and complementary line-up of COMPUTAR camera lenses and accessories. CBC UK is a daughter of CBC CO. LTD., a Japanese multi-national enerprise with a long and rich history dating back to 1925. Today, CBC services clients around the world in many sectors, from retail and office buildings to hotels and large venues, like concert halls, stadiums and airports.

Product range

Cameras. CBC has various types of indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras at your disposal such as Bullet/All-in-one cameras, Dome cameras, Eyeball cameras, PTZ cameras, IP cameras and many more. Outstanding quality, functional versatility and durability are manifested in clear images under various lighting conditions, infrared reading, distortion-free imaging, vandalism resistance and availability op optional lenses.

Lenses. Depending on your needs CBC provides you with a variety of lenses and accessories to match the CCTV system, light conditions, image quality and needed zoom range. You can order monofocal and varifocal lenses with manual and motorized zoom, macro lenses  with extra close-up as well as pin hole lenses, megapixel and FA.

Digital Video Recorders. CBC offers quality storage units from entry level DVRs up to enterprise level. Depending on the size of your facility and your surveillance system there are different DVRs you can implement and if needed integrate with other products. CBC DVRs offer real-time recording and simultaneous playback making information available on demand while also safely stored for future use.

Monitors. CBC has various kinds of high tech monitors defined by outstanding video quality, power efficiency, portability and integration into virtually any security system. In addition there are numerous accessories and mount brackets available.

Illumination. For proper illumination of your facilities there is white light illumination and infrared illumination for special needs from short range of 20 meters to long range of 300 meters.

Control room devices. For the control room you will find a variety of devices among which keyboards and joysticks, monitor inputs, receivers and cables.

Accessories. For a complete system CBC provides you with power units, cables, view finders and brackets for a quick set-up.

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